Rachel Anne Daquis

March 2, 2009

My cousin, Kathy, arrived from Maryland 2 days ago, and since i’m “pinoy” just like everyone else, we went to see her to ask about our “pasalubongs”. There was the usual “kamustahan” and never ending “kwentuhan”. This is her first time to come home in 10 years, she was 19 when she left, she’s 29 now but for me she did’nt age a single day. I missed her, yes, but girls will always be girls, i’m not up to the task of talking endlessly and reminiscing about the past, lets leave that to my mom and sister. . .

When the excitement finally died, boredom started to set in, and the best way to kill boredom and time is by turning on the good ol’ boobtube, turned on the Teevee, and guess whats on? Volleyball, live on Studio 23, i’m not a sports fan, and who gives a crap about volleyball anyway?? I cant find the remote, i stood up to manually change the channel, i was about to push the button when this pretty young thing popped out of the screen, wearing a #3 Green jersey, with big bold letters printed at the back. it read D A Q U I S.

I went back to my chair, stared, and started watching the game. All of a sudden, i got interested in Volleyball, or am i? hahaha. It was a match between FEU and DLSU, and Lasalle is ahead by one set. Call me a traitor but i was really wishing that FEU would win the game, and they did. One thing i can’t tell though, did i really watched the game or just paid attention to one player, Daquis.

That evening, i went through my normal routine, turned on the computer, surf to my car club forum Clubopelph.com, accessed friendster, opened google and did something unusual, try to find out who the #3 girl really is. hmmm

According to the web information that i got, her real name is Rachel Anne Daquis, 21, stands 5′9″ a BS Management student of FEU , on her final year. She hails from Taytay Rizal and swimming is her first sport and not volleyball. She’s an athlete, model and the most popular girl in UAAP Volleyball. I can fill this site with all the information i found out about her but that would all be irrelevant. I can describe her not in one sentence but in one word. She is an ANGEL. and im hooked 🙂


8 Responses to “Rachel Anne Daquis”

  1. pao said

    i am ur no.1 fan

    GO! FEU


  2. erjohn said

    ganda mo tlga …

    fan mo lng poh …

    ingat poh lgi..umuah!..

  3. sai_makulit said

    hey sir! im a fan of daquis as well. 🙂

  4. JACLYN said

    hnd q talaga makakalimutan c ate rachel kht natalo kau pra sa akin kau pa rn ang panalo ibabawi k namen nxt yer sna mag-post k prn ng pic. kht gradute k na
    noon auqng mag-college pro nung nkta kta mas ginanahan na aq
    i love u 4ever

  5. _amira_ said

    …..,,,,,hi poh!!!!!
    ,,,,kawawa naman ang FEU natalo kau!!!
    ,,,,k lang bsta ate rachel IDOL PA RIN KITA LUV YAH!!!!!!!!!
    ,,,,,,,,,sa mga susunod na batch ng FEU players galingan nyo ha pra di kau matalo!!!!
    by:Amira >)))>

  6. notz_ said

    anong website ba yung nka lgay lhat yung information tungkol kai rachel anne daquis?gusto ko kasing malamn yung background niya.cge.. maraming salamat sa conting info tungkol sa kanya.ingatz!!!

  7. nicegirlz said

    rachel anne daquis is also my favorite player in uaap!!!i admire her so much bcuz of her lovely face and she is good in volleyball!!!i love her so much!!!try try see in youtube:”the spechel moment of daquis”try it!!!u can see how good player is she???!!!!

  8. Rachelle Anne Ferrer said

    you know,…we had the same experience why did i enjoy and noticed you in volleyball…it was just like a dejavu and i got interested who is that girl in green…because of it i admired FEU in the UAAP cuz im not that interested in sports nor even watching some ‘sort of game like volleyball.but because of you and your passion , i watched every single game of your team and i am like addicted to you and your teammates supporting like i am wathching it live…though you did not got the title for UAAP season 71.. i still support your team and i wish ican see you in person.. i am now a 3rd year student in olongapo city national highschool and i hope that this will not be the end of the journey for FEU..GO TAMARAWS!!!

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